Year End Giving

Stewardship – “Living Within the Income”

“Many do not remember the cause of God, and carelessly expend money in holiday amusements, in dress and folly, and when there is a call made for the advancement of the work in the home and foreign missions, they have nothing to give, or even have overdrawn their account. Thus they rob God in tithes and offerings, and through […]


Love does not envy. (1 Corinthians 13 v 4) The roots of envy, no pun intended go back to the garden. Eve wanted to be like God, she envied the almighty’s knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3 v 4-6) so she ate the fruit with Adam and life on this earth hasn’t been the […]

Stewardship – “Diverting Minds From The Truth”

“Every movement of this order, which comes in to excite the desire to get riches quickly by speculation, takes the minds of the people away from the most solemn truths that ever were given to mortals. There may be encouraging prospects for a time, but the end of the matter is failure. The Lord endorses […]


Love is Kind (1 Corinthians 13:4) She washed his car and even vacuumed it…. He emptied the dishwasher without being asked…. That favorite meal was just what he needed after a tough day at work…. That back rub made everything right with the world after a crazy day of cleaning, kids, and everyday chaos of home. Acts of […]

Stewardship – “Guard Against Mistakes on Both Sides”

“The question now before us is, Shall we try to secure the places that seem desirable in price and location, when we cannot tell where our money is coming from? Brethren —, —, and others are opposed to the increasing of debts. But I am not prepared to say that we should not, under any […]


Love suffers long (1 Corinthians 13 v 4) I love that movie! I love their Caesar salad! I love that color on you! I love fry dumplings, or some would say, fry bake! When we use the word “LOVE” and we tend to use it a lot! We are often talking about the good feeling […]

Stewardship – “Subordinate Every Earthly Interest”

“Every power of God’s servants is to be kept in continual exercise to bring many sons and daughters to God. In His service there is to be no indifference, no selfishness. Any departure from self-denial to self-indulgence, any relaxation of earnest supplication for the Holy Spirit’s working, means so much power given to the enemy. […]