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We invite you to find out more about the AmeriCorp Program

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a network of local, state, and national service programs that connects over
70,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet community needs in education, the environment, public safety, health, and homeland security. AmeriCorps’ members serve with more than 2,000 non-profits, public agencies, and community organizations.

The Salvation Army AmeriCorps Program, AmeriCorps Members will receive training and professional development in preparation for serving in one of three TSA After School Programs Monday-Friday from 2:30 PM – 7:00 PM.

For Half-Time members, the term continues with the full-day, summer day camp. Minimum-Time Members begin their term of service during the Summer Camp where all AmeriCorps Members serve from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Monday – Friday. This year Summer Camp will run from June 24, 2019 to August 9, 2019.

Members serve in the role of facilitators- leading implementation of learning and recreational activities under the supervision of the Site Supervisor. Members work to develop the socialemotional health of the youth served, strengthen academic skills and development a higher degree of civic engagement.

Half-Time Members serve 900 hours, receiving up to $7, 270 in a living allowance stipend. Minimum-Time Members serve 300 hours, receiving up to $2,423 in a living allowance stipend.

The living allowance is paid bi-weekly in the amount of $363.50, and is taxable. Upon successful completion of 900 hours of service, Half-Time Members receive an Education Award of $2,960.00 that is able to be used toward higher education costs; Minimum-Time Members receive an Education Award of $1,252.91.

If you are interested in applying for the 2019 AmeriCorps Service Term please complete the online application using the following link:

To Find out more about AmeriCorps, please see attached flier or email Wendy Cubano at Wendy.Cubano@USE.SalvationArmy.Org

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A 5-week program for motivated high school students in grades 10-12 who want to grow their ability to lead and influence through projects that impact their community.

You can think of it like a self-designed internship, but we provide you with the tools, resources, coaching, and professional network to make the impact you want.Link is www.hirecause.com.

When it comes to saving for college, many of us focus on a dollar amount. And it is good to have a goal, whether monthly, annually, or over a lifetime, for saving for your child’s college education.

But what many of us don’t consider are strategies for maximizing financial aid for our children when they apply for college. It’s better to pay for college out of savings than to take out student loans, but maximizing financial aid eligibility may net your child some needs-based grants, which don’t need to be paid back.