Join Us for a Life-Changing Experience

Restoring Relationships: A Church Revival

Dates: October 14 – 28, 2023
Location: SDA Church of the Oranges

Is there anything more precious than the relationships we share with one another? In a world filled with turmoil and division, it’s time to come together and discover the power of restoration.

You Are Invited

At the Church of the Oranges, we believe in the transformative power of faith and community. Join us for a special church revival event, “Restoring Relationships,” where we’ll explore the healing, renewal, and re-connection that faith can bring to our lives and the world around us.

What to Expect

  • Inspirational Sermons: Our dedicated pastors and guest speakers will deliver uplifting sermons that focus on repairing, strengthening, and deepening our relationships with one another and with God.
  • Worship and Music: Experience the joy of worship through soul-stirring music and heartfelt songs that will uplift your spirit and draw you closer to God.
  • Interactive Messages: Engage in meaningful discussions and messages that provide practical tools for restoring relationships in your personal life and in the community.
  • Fellowship: Connect with fellow attendees and build new relationships in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Prayer and Reflection: Take time to reflect, pray, and seek guidance on your personal journey of restoration.

Our Featured Speakers

Join us nightly for a special message from these talented speakers. Click each name for details.

Speaking dates:

  • Saturday, 10/14
  • Saturday, 10/21
  • Saturday, 10/28

Speaking dates:

  • Sunday, 10/15
  • Monday, 10/16
  • Tuesday, 10/17
  • Wednesday, 10/18

Speaking date:

  • Friday, 10/20

Speaking dates:

  • Sunday, 10/22
  • Monday, 10/23
  • Tuesday, 10/24

Speaking dates:

  • Wednesday, 10/25
  • Friday, 10/27

Speaking date:

  • Saturday, 10/14 (COTO prayer line)

Click here for prayer line information.

Speaking dates:

  • Sunday, 10/22 (COTO prayer line)
  • Saturday, 10/28 (COTO prayer line)

Click here for prayer line information.

Why Attend?

  • Discover the transformative power of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Learn how faith can mend broken relationships and bring hope.
  • Gain practical insights for resolving conflicts and rebuilding trust.
  • Strengthen your connection with God and your fellow believers.
  • Find renewed purpose and a sense of belonging in our church community.

Invite Your Loved Ones

This revival is open to everyone, so please invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join us. Let’s come together and experience the healing and restoration that God’s love can bring to our lives and the world.

Mark Your Calendar

Save the dates and make plans to attend “Restoring Relationships: A Church Revival” at the Church of the Oranges. It’s an opportunity to embrace the power of faith, forgiveness, and love in restoring and strengthening the relationships that matter most.

Join Us for a Divine Musical Experience!

Restoring Relationships Fall Revival Kick-off Concert

Date: October 14, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: SDA Church of the Oranges
Address: 270 Reynolds Terrace, Orange, NJ 07050

Featuring Pine Forge Academy Choir & Worship Arts:

A Night of Worship and Renewal:

Join us as we come together in the spirit of revival, uniting in faith, hope, and love. This concert is not just about music; it’s about revival and renewal of the soul. Let the melodies and lyrics uplift your heart and connect you to the divine.

Bring the Whole Family:

This is a family-friendly event. Invite your loved ones, friends, and neighbors to share in this extraordinary experience. Childcare services will be available for your convenience.

Mark Your Calendar:

Save the date and prepare to be moved by the Holy Spirit. Let this concert be the spark that ignites your spiritual journey during our church revival.

Free Admission – All Are Welcome!

No tickets required. This concert is open to everyone, regardless of background or beliefs. Come as you are and experience the love of God through music and community.

PFA Performing Arts

To learn more about how our students expand their minds and artistry in the creative arts, click either image.

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