Virtual Communion

Let’s break bread together!

The Lord’s Supper is an essential element of what it means for us to be followers of Jesus at Life Abundant. Although we can’t gather around the same table together for a little while, we can still share this meal from a distance! It’s our hope that as we practice this you’ll be assured that there is a place set at God’s table for you.

When: July 11, 2020

Where: Online (at home)

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Recipe for Communion Bread

● 1 cup finely ground flour (preferably whole grain)
● ¼ teaspoon salt
● 2 tablespoon cold water
● ¼ cup olive or other vegetable oil

Sift flour and salt together. Pour the water into the oil. Add to the dry ingredients and mix with a fork until all the flour is dampened.
● Roll out between two sheets of waxed paper to the thickness of thick pie pastry. Place on an ungreased floured baking sheet. Mark off into bite-sized squares with a knife, being careful to prick each square to prevent blisters during baking.
● Bake at 450 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. Watch carefully and do not brown.
● Makes bread for about 50.

As an alternative to baking communion bread, you can purchase unleavened breads such as matzo, chapati or tortillas.