For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. (Philippians 1 v 21)

So how long did the honeymoon last for you? Years, months or minutes? Sometimes what cuts short the honeymoon period of marriage is when one or both parties of the newlyweds come to the startling realization that marriage is not all about him or her.

The truth is life in general is not all about any of us. The apostle Paul knew life wasn’t all about him. According to Philippians 1 v 21, Paul knew that life was all about Jesus Christ. To Paul, to live was Christ. Nothing has changed in the past two thousand years.

Today, like Paul’s day, a life lived to the fullest is one that is lived fully for Christ. In order to do this, however, we MUST die to ourselves.

Think about it, if both husband and wife die to self, fully die to selfishness and pride, and live wholeheartedly for Jesus, just imagine what an awesome, blessing-filled marriage it would be. Paul followed “to live is Christ” with “to die is gain.” In other words, in addition to the loving, joyful, peaceful marriage you will experience in this life, you can know that you and your spouse will experience God’s immeasurable blessings for all eternity, and that is this gain.


  1. Talk and laugh about the first reminder you received as a marriage person that this marriage is not all about you. (Are you smiling?)
  2. A life lived to the fullest is one that is lived fully in Christ. Reflect and pray through this concept together. Ask God to show you if there are areas in your marriage that can be lived even more fully for Him. Then give each other a big kiss.

I have said it before and I still hold true to this statement, Marriage is more about being Holy. To have a thriving marriage, you MUST die to self-DAILY. The more you die, the closer you get to Him………. you can’t be close without the experience of holiness. It’s a part of the eternal gain.


Lord God, you know even better that I do those strongholds in my life where I still live as if life were all about me, Please reveal them to me and help me to die to my selfish ways so that I may fully live for you in all areas of my life.