All Scriptures is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3 v 16-17)

It’s date night. You are looking forward to a nice evening, but you need to bring up a difficult subject. Now, fast forward to the end of the day. How did it go? Was your prayer like this: “Lord, as good a day as it was, as nice a date night as we try to have, everything would have been better if I’d spent time in your word and listening for you to guide my words and my tongue. Thank you for being faithful to me even though I’m less than faithful to you.

Or like this: God, that was a tough conversation we had over dinner, but it was cool that what I read in my quiet time this morning helped so much! Thanks for going before us, so we could talk through the issue. I shudder to think how that conversation would have gone and how our relationship would have been affected if you hadn’t guided me through your word.

How often do you consult the road map for marriage that God has provided? Do you ever open God’s word together and let it do it’s transforming work in stereo? As Paul taught in the verse above, scriptures instruct and correct us so that we can be thoroughly equipped for every good work. Marriage gives us opportunities to do good works 24/7, and God’s word prepares us to seize those opportunities. Scriptures show us where we fall short of God’s standards and how to live a righteous life in our home. And scripture reminds us that we can only live the way God wants us to live if we are living in His purpose.


What are the biggest obstacles to the two of you doing a Bible study together? Lack of time? Not knowing what to study. Wanting to join a group but not being able to find one? Discuss what the obstacles are and decide together what you will do to overcome them.


Father, it would be crazy for us to go into unexplored territory without a map, yet every new season, every new day of marriage is unexplored territory. In preparation for those seasons, as well as for everyday guidance in marriage, help us to make reading the Bible a priority, individually and as a couple.